Happy New Year Everyone,

The start of a new year is often used as a time for reflection, so I'd thought I would share a lot of misc thoughts.

Stuff About DotComIt and the Learn With Series

  • The Learn With Series is still going strong, and I gave all the services a major rewrite in 2021 so that they would all use the same exact REST endpoints, inputs, and outputs. Hopefully this gives me a more stable structure for moving forward and extending to other technologies. If only I could find the time.
  • The DotComIt YouTube channel has been around for 725 days, and it still feels relatively new.
    • Despite that 18K people have watched over 51K minutes of videos that I've created. I created 7 new videos last year.
    • The most watched video is about Reloading the current route in Angular.
    • Be sure to subscribe to it, I need about 25 more subscribes before I can get a custom URL.
  • I wrote 52 blog posts last year, keeping in my cadence of one a week, roughly 6 years running. The most popular 2021 post was about mocking a read only property in a test.

Stuff About My Day to Day

A good friend once described me as "Looking for projects that don't bore me" and that is an astute guiding factor in how I've tried to structure my life.

I don't talk about it much, but a few years ago I got the opportunity to work behind the scenes on Disney+, and that was an opportunity to interesting to pass up, and it has been a wonderful ride.

I miss the flexibility of being a consultant, but it was exciting to work on a project that was a fundamental shift for a major entertainment conglomerate.

I've recently stepped out of my lead software engineer role into one of management, which is the first time in a long time I stepped into a job I have no idea how to do.

Thoughts About Me

A few other things:

  • My Personal YouTube channel finally reached 100 subscribers, so I finally grabbed a named URL.  My personal channel is a huge mismatch of stuff. I have over 7K views and 11K minutes watched.. The most popular video is of a popcorn popper
  • We just went through a minor bathroom remodel, which gave us a ceiling exhaust fan to help combat a mold issue. The project left us with a wish list of things we want to do.
  • There is a lot of house work over the next year, including a new fence and most likely a new roof. I was really hoping for some of the supply chain issues to resolve themselves before we tackled those projects.
  • I am going through a lot of old cassettes and digitizing them! It is really weird to hear random recordings of me playing guitar from 1994.

Final Thoughts

Maybe this will be the year I finally tackle the blog design rework I've been meaning to do? We'll see!

I'm looking forward to a healthy 2022 with decreased pandemic influence. I hope that becomes a reality