So, I'm stuck on two monitors and have thought of getting a third. How do you plug a third monitor into your laptop?

Well, there are options, but most of them are rather expensive. Here is some info

The Digital Tigers sidecar was way beyond the amount I was willing to spend. Same with the Magma.

The VTBook, a PCMCIA video card was very intriguing, though. And it supports two monitors, so that is even better. I could go up to four monitors completely. . But, still $250 is a bit pricey.

After some searching I discovered the Tritton SEE2, a USB SVGA adapter.

There are a few things I found interesting about this. First, it is nicer on the budget. Second, it's USB. Theoretically I could add a dozen to my laptop. By the nature of USB, it is hot swappable which means I don't have to turn off the computer to remove the monitor. I have no idea how this will work, but that is the theory.

Then, I start thinking. Maybe I could get a USB port switcher, and switch the monitor(s) between computers (Similar usage to a KVM switch, except for USB devices) as needed. That was really intriguing to me.

While searching for a new KVM switch ( The one I have has been dying for quite a while and I have a new computer on the way) I came across a model that included USB ports for switching between USB devices. It's called the Port Authority

Theoretically I can plug the USB VGA adapter and a normal monitor into the KVM switch and then switch two monitors (as well as the keyboard and mouse) between multiple computers as needed.

It's a pretty intriguing idea, and I'm fairly excited. I'm not convinced it will work in practice, though. I'm not sure monitors are designed to be hot-swappable.

The KVM switch and adapter came in just shy of $200. In honor of I did a google search for coupons. If I'm a new customer and spend $200 at I can get $15 off. They accepted the coupon even though I was not a new customer. I wonder if they'll try to revoke it.

The question is, how do I bump up over $200? I added a few USB cables and a PS/2 to USB converter. That's $204 dollars total. Minus the $15 coupon. - a $25 rebate on the KVM switch.

I'm feeling pretty good, even if it is rice and pasta for the next several months while I pay off my purchases. Merry Christmas to me.

Did I mention that the air hockey table I want (from Sam's Club) dropped over $100 bucks after Christmas?