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Want some Free CDs

Want a free Far Cry Fly CD? You only have to ask for it. ( give me your address and I'll send it out to you ). At least until I run out of copies.

I recently added DVD Duplication to the list of services that FCF Studios offers. FCF Studios (for those that don't know) is my part time audio recording business.

To test the new equipment (which also burns CDs) I'm burning 5 copies of an unreleased Far Cry Fly album.

The album was intended to be the first in a series of live albums that were to be given limited release at the venues we played. This show was recorded at Java Nation in Meriden Connecticut on August 28th, 2004.

As luck would have it, the venue closed shortly after the show and this album was never released. It was also our last public show to date. Since the band is on extended hiatus, it may very well have been our last show. The disc includes 11 live tracks, plus one unreleased studio track.

At some point, I'm gonna have to test the DVD burner. Perhaps I'll be able to do the same w/ some Far Cry Fly Video that I have.

I swear that the CD face looks a lot better than the downsampled gif

Update 5/10/07: The CDs are all gone.

The Heritage Pops Recording

Tonights recording of the Heritage Pops for the New Music Showcase went great. I was a bit stressed on the way up, but this was a great way to unwind.

It helps the self esteem tremendously for people to be watching the video after the show saying "Wow, it sounds really good." People were not saying it to me, just saying it in general. I must have heard that a dozen times.

It is nice to work with a band that doesn't require earplugs. A lot of the heavier rock bands permeat through the protected walls of the control room, making it difficult to get a good mix. Unamplified horn players do not exhibit that problem.

Tommorrow's agenda:

  • A meeting
  • Prepare for a different meeting
  • Client Development
  • Get Guitar back

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