I use Trillian at home w/ a multiple monitor system. But, when I'm on the road I only travel with a laptop and rarely have a second monitor hooked up to the machine.

For most programs this poses no problem. But, the trillian window will often not show up when I'm on the road. I can still sign in and get IMed by people, but cannot view my contact list or initiate IMs with people. Usually when this happens with other software, I just right click on the window in the task bar, click 'move' and move it back onto the screen w/ the keyboard.

Unfortunately the Trillian buddy list does not display on the task bar.

First I tried Shove It. This is a cool program that I used a long time ago when I used to keep the windows status bar at the top of the screen. It will move "off-screen" windows back onto the screen. It had no affect, it must not know the Trillian window exists because it isn't on the task bar.

Web searching came up with a lot of people who had these problems (with different software), but no concrete solutions to solve them. I finally ended up in the Cerulean Studio's Forms. ( If you didn't know, they make Trillian). AFter some searching, I found a post where someone mentions a buddy.ini file. So, I go find that file (C:\Program Files\Trillian\users\default\buddy.ini) and the first few lines are something like this:

view plain print about
1[Window Status]

I shut down trillian, changed locationx and locationy both to 0, and relaunched. Bingo it showed up.

I imagine there must be an easier way, though.

I figured out how to address that