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Jeff's Month in Review

I've been buried under stuff and have neglected this blog. Here are various updates:


Jeff's Week in Review

Another one of my random weekly ramblings.


Jeff's Week in Review

This is another one of Jeff's week in review posts. The past few weeks have been a bit busy, but I'm feeling pretty good about things right now. I think I'm caught up with my schedule. There is still a lot to be done, but at least I don't feel behind.


Someone dented my car...

My car was it's fine usual self when I went out to dinner tonight at the mall.

When I got back to the car, an hour or so later, it had a nice new shiney dent on the front driver side bumper.

No note!

What can you do! I came home. I'll get a quote or two over the weekend.

Yeah, my DVD Duplicator won't work either. I'm not sure why. It's a bad night.

Jeff's Last few weeks in review

I have not been blogging much. This is what I remember from the last few weeks.


Jeff's Week in Review

Once again, I'm going to try to post my week in review. If nothing more than to amuse myself...


Jeff's Week in Review

Once again, I'm going to try to post my week in review. for those that are really interested...


Jeff's Week in Review

What did I do last week you ask? In no particular order, here it is:


Getting the Block Box

Back when I was younger one of the joys in life was playing with blocks. Growing up, we had quite a collection of blocks. We would create complicated, towering structures with blocks. Then we'd place Star Wars action figures mixed in throughout our buildings. Then, from a distance, we'd try to knock them all down with rubber bands.

Yes, this is just as fun as it sounds.

T was interested in this childhood game of mine. We decided to try to see if we could set something up in our own house. I stopped by my parents house today and picked up the block box. It was a lot smaller than I remember it. The blocks were stored in the basement. Both the box (built by my Grandpa) and the blocks came home with me. They lived a bit with some rodents, unfortunately. Everything will have to be cleaned, but it looks like they are still solid, and will suit our needs.

My brother and I (and our next door neighbor) would love to build up tipsy towers. We'd put Amamaman up top because he had such big hands. He'd often take out a few extra figures on his way down. I think each figure was worth a point.

However, it'd be foolish to play this sort of game with 20+ year old Star Wars Action figures, so we needed something else. Mom dug out my collection of He Man action figures. My memory is that He-Man figures are too big, but I'll give them a shot.

T had a different idea. Today she went to target and bought Captain Jack Sparrow. They are the perfect size. If this is successful, I can imaging us buying more blocks and a lot more Action Figures.

I wonder if any my clients come with their own action figures? This would made a great stress reliever.

Build Me Up Buttercup by MTMX

This is from the cover band I was in for a bit, named The Meredith Tyler More Experience. I play bass on this recording. I also did the recording and the mix. Good times.

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