Happy New Year Everyone!

2020 was a weird year. This is the obligatory look back blog post.

The Books

My book series on Angular is still going, but my book on rxjs has stalled. I've written about a quarter of it, and got distracted on other things.

I saw a dip in 2020 sales which I account to the pandemic economy combined with people getting fatigued from 3 Angular releases a year. If you've read a book on Angular 9; you probably don't need to buy the Angular 10 or 11 books. December numbers are not available on Amazon yet, so I'm not sure about the Angular 11 book sales, but ignoring December:

  • I sold 185 Units total, with the largest month being January. This is about a quarter of last year's numbers.
  • Even though it represents fewer sales, the bulk of my profit comes from folks who buy all the books from my Gumroad storefront.
Maybe I should look to upload the books to other storefronts and diversify a bit more.

The YouTube Channel

I created a new YouTube channel for my programming screencasts to try to form a bigger separation between my personal account and the professional personal. YouTube sent me a nice update about the channel.

  • I've uploaded 15 screencasts, over 98 minutes of content
  • I got more than 7,500 views
  • Viewers spent 21,910 minutes watching my videos

Pretty cool! Thanks for watching!

The Blog

I've started upgrading my blog software and made some progress. But, it still needs a design rework and some work on the admin behind the scenes.

Some Blog numbers:

  • I posted 51 blog posts, which is one less than my weekly cadence. Looks like I missed a week back in April.
  • There were over 35,370 visitors to my blog. Not a shabby number.
  • The most popular was testing native element focus in Angular

What about Me?

On a personal note, I've just been surviving, doing work, creating content just like it was any other year. I miss going out to restaurants and I miss seeing my friends. But, I love that there is no pressure to go to an office to sit in meetings.

I disconnected from my writing / screencasting endeavors for a bit in December to play video games and am currently going through Knights of the Old Republic, a Star Wars RPG for the first time. Lots of fun and it has been years since I tackled a game this big. I'm enjoying the balance.

And that is where I'm at. In 2021 I expect to see a lot more of the same, but I'm hoping to travel the pants off 2022.