I just submitted this to This is Broken.com. ( although due to the amount of submissions they get, there is only a 10% chance it'll make it up there)

I placed an order on SamsClub.com. SamsClub.com is not actually an e-commerce site, so it was an order that I would have to pick up in the store.

I realized I had selected the wrong location for pickup and wanted to try to cancel my order. As you can see in the screenshot "You can cancel the order by contacting a member service rep within one hour."

First off, there is no number on the site, so how do I know where to call? That is inconvenient, but I'm not sure if it makes it broken.

The number was in the notification e-mail I received. I gave them a call and got through to a service rep. I gave him my order number and it was not yet in his computer. He told me that there was a 20 minute delay before the order would show up on his computer. He asked me to call back in 10-15 minutes.

This is broken.