The February of CFDJ just hit my inbox.

Here is my intro article on AJAX

Also take a look at Simon's article on frameworks, OO, and Design patterns.

Simon is, once again, rocking the boat. I do agree with a lot of his assertions, though. To quote a few:

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1The most significant benefit that organizations stand to gain from using frameworks is a standardized way to code and an environment that is generally more conducive to allowing multiple developers to work on a project at the same time

I think this is the best reason to choose a framework. Consistency of Code leads towards ease of long-term maintenance.

This is another one:

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1Most of the books, courses, and, therefore, developers today have completely missed the point when it comes to OOP

At one point I used to know the difference between OOP and procedural programming. That was when I fresh out of college. But, talking to other developers and reading about such concepts over the past two years has completely confused me. A year ago I never would have called my development style object oriented. However, there are many people taking similar approaches and calling them just that.

Many people say that Design Patterns are OO. But, I don't understand why. In fact, I believe that many of the OO patterns can be applied to procedural programming. As far as I can tell, most patterns are just ways to encapsulate code that provide the most flexibility for change over the long term. That is not unique to OO or Procedural stuff.

Tell me I'm wrong!