Fresh off The Man with the Screaming Brain, I needed another Bruce Campbell Fix. I got it in the most unexpected place, a kids movie named Sky High. It was brilliant.

Where do the Superhero's go to learn how to be Superheros? They go to Superhero school (AKA Sky High). Unfortunately [insert ominous music here] the son (Michael Angarano) of the two most famous superhero's "The Commander" (Kurt Russell) and "Jetstream" (Kelly Preston) has no powers. He hides this from his parents and is sent off to school w/o discovering his powers. He is quickly demoted to 'side-kick', where he is taught such interesting things as "if the undead are attacking your hero, which weapon do you give him". Then, he discovers his super strength and ends up being moved into hero classes.

There is an underlying side plot about 'sidekicks' vs 'heros', paralleling the clique's that exist in high school, but nothing revolutionary was touched on.

The magic in this movie rivals the first Spy Kids' movie, but is a lot more fun. I was kept consistently interested.


This movie is campy, but it works really well. I knew i was in for a B-movie inspired treat when the Super Hero parents destory a huge robot in the beginning, and it reminds me of the old Godzilla movies.

The character "Warren Peace" actually quotes from the book "War and Peace", when reading a fortune cookie's fortune.

Bits like this are sprinkled throughout the movie.


"So, my girlfriend becomes my arch enemy, my arch enemy becomes my best friend, and my best friend becomes my girlfriend. That's high school for you."

- Will Stronghold, summing up the movie


You got Bruce Campbell, Bowling for Soup, and superheros. You can't go wrong with this one. I'd see a sequel.