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Live Journal Syndication duplicated entries

Along with my most recent upgrade, it looks like LJ resyndicated my whole RSS feed. Sorry for the duplicates.

It doesn't look like feed squirrel or MXNA were affected.

LiveJournal Introduces Sponsored Mode

For those that have me syndicated at LJ, they are now offering a sponsored mode. A sponsored mode is a cross between the free account and the paid account. It doesn't cost you money, but will place ads on your LJ.

They also changed their terms of service to prevent LJ owners from using ad blocking software. I wonder how they could police that?

I'm being Syndicated a

My ColdFusion specific feed is being syndicated at .

Feed Squirrel.

I hear birds outside, which is odd considering the four feet of snow we got over the weekend.

LiveJournal Syndication

The Live Journal Syndication was broken for a bit, when I switched the URL from to . Originally they were all aliases, but that hurts you in the search engines, so I changed to redirects.

Anyway, the feed was changed from the whole shebang to just the personal stuff (no professional or business rantings).

Enjoy, LJ Readers!

** Update: here is the LJ link:

Personal and Professional

I just split up all posts in this Blog between Personal and Professional. This is mainly for syndication purposes.

The professional feed RSS

The professional feed normal

The Personal feed RSS

The Personal feed Normal

LiveJournal Syndication

I'm being syndicated via LiveJournal.

Over Here

Thanks to Mer for doing it.

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