Why doesn't the National Republican Congresional Committee have the follow the national 'do not call' registry.

I just got a call with a pre-recorded message about Chris Murphy. I've gotten it before, but this is the first time I listented to through the end.

Since it was a pre-recorded message, you can't say 'put me on your do not call' list. They mentioned that this message was not approved by any senator or anything, but was sponsored by the NRCC.

A bit upset about the call (and such calls in general), I jumped over to the web site at the end of the message.

The first thing I see is a quiz on the home page, asking what democrats will do if they take control of congress. The answers are right along the lines of the slander-type campaign ads that you see on TV. The whole site seems to echo that sort of sentiment.

It is frustrating that the focal point of the world is always "anti-you" instead of "pro-me". When it comes to politics, I want to know what you'll do for me. Not what your opponent is going to do wrong.

I just called up the NRCC and left a message asking to be put on their "do not call list" although I do not expect any response. I wonder if goverment entities are exempt. Is the NRCC a goverment entity?