O'Reilly (the book publisher) has a service mark on the "Web 2.0" name. I really don't have a problem with this; as they were the ones that coined the name with the first web 2.0 conference.

They recently sent a 'cease and desist' order to ITCork for holding a conference entitled "Web 2.0 half day conference." This makes perfect sense to me. Two conferences of the same name on the same topic are definitely going to cause confusion, potentially dilluting the 'brand' being created by the first conference.

This has apparently caused a lot of uproar in the blogsphere. Read about it here and here.

Most people claim that Web 2.0 is too generic to qualify for a trademark, and O'Rielly is completely off base. It reminds me that most people don't get intellectual property rights.

I've written about such things before (on both sides of the fence, depending on the case in question).