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How to watch the Active Element in Chrome?

I put together a video for how to watch the Active Element of a web page in Chrome Developer tools. This has become useful when writing CSS with lots of embedded elements.

Why do I see provisional headers in the Chrome network tab?

This is a weird one. When I look at a request on the network tab in chrome developer tools I see a message that says provisional headers shown:

I came across this when I wanted to see what cookies my application was returning to the server. The provisional headers do not show the cookies. I thought they used to, and based on some Internet research, they did. How do I see full headers on the request?

The Internet has a lot of documented options. I'm surprised this solution has so many documented solutions which didn't work for me.

After some experimentation, this is the combination of things that worked for me (in Chrome 76).

First, I needed to disable some chrome flags.

First, open up the disable site isolation and disable it.

Then, open up Enable Network Service, and disable that:

You can relaunch the browser now. Check to see if it works. I've tried this across multiple applications and multiple browsers. In some of them, I had to disable cache in the chrome dev tools:

Now, you should see full headers:

Depending what you read on the Internet, you may also need to disable `Runs network service in-process` and `site-isolation-trial-opt-out`. I just wanted to sniff some headers looking to validate that cookie data was passed back and forth, and now I Can do that in chrome.

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