I mentioned on The Flex Show podcast (episode 2) that I had 20 minutes of me doodling on the yet unheard theme for The Flex Show Podcast.

I'm listening to the mixdown right now. Either I'm a musical genius or a complete hack. I can't figure it out. There are moments of brilliance surrounded by utter rubbish. Perhaps the difference between genius and hack is being able to tell the difference. Even Eddie Van Halen (or Slash, or whomever you prefer) has bad days. The joy of being talented is that his bad days are better than my good days.

After my initial doodling and having a few people listen, I went ahead and re-recorded the guitar part. I have Lori coming in on Saturday to do vocals. Maybe I should have Tim come in to do some male vocal-isms.

Ryan liked it as is. At times like this, I remember the many hours I spent recording and re-recording the guitar parts for Simple Melody in the living room of the condo. The take we eventually kept was done at about 3 in the morning during a bit of insomnia. My roommates didn't complain, but in retrospect that was not the best time to be playing guitar. I was very particular about guitar sound when recording Far Cry Fly's first album. I loosened up when we finally upgraded our equipment and I could move from two guitar tracks to 6+.

We've been unable to make any traction on the call-in portion of our show, so the lyrics I wrote don't apply so much anymore. I re-worked them three times. But, Skype us anyway. Please!