Today I had the pleasure of updating my SSL Certificates on my web sites, such as this one, my company site and The sites for my books. I use a multi-SSL Cert so one cert good and done.

I thought I'd save a little money--because who doesn't like saving money?--by no longer renewing the HTTPS certs for sites that are no longer up. Past sites I had set up for The Flex Show and Flextras now redirect to consulting pages on Do they need their own HTTPS certs? I think I shut them down two years ago, so probably not anymore.

I went through the process, set everything up, and my sites were still showing the old expiration date. How frustrating. What is going on? I pounded my head around this for a bit.

It turns out the old sites were still set up in IIS to reference the old certificate--instead of no certificate at all--and therefore all the sites were using the old certificate instead of the new one. This is a weird bug.

I just removed the HTTPS domains from the IIS config panel and finally saw my sites update to use the new panel. Good to go!