The SQL Server configuration Manager is a tool used to configure the client. Primarily I use it to set up aliases, so 'DotComItDev' can point to my local dev server's IP Address on my local network. It is convenient not to have to remember the IP address every time I need to connect to the server.

I was setting up a new machine and installing the SQL Server Management Studio and could not find this tool. I know it used to be available from the start menu, but it no longer is.

At some point, it turned into an MMC Plugin that you could access / open using files on your computer. You can find info about that here. However, my client install of Management Studio 2019 did not include this file. I would have sworn it did when I installed SQL Server Management Studio 2017.

The solution to get this tool on my machine was to install the developer edition of SQL Server.

From there you can choose shared Features => Client Tools Connectivity. You do not actually need to install the server to get this. In most cases I do not need a server on the machine and am fine with just client tools on my dev machine.

See this screenshot:

Once I did that, I could access the plugin at C:\Windows\SysWOW64\SQLServerManager15.msc .

Launching this file would open the Configuration Manager:

You can configure this to your hearts content.