I've been working on my first Angular 14 project, reworking my books. I wrote some code that makes a service call, and uses the map operator on an Observable.

This code worked fine in previous versions of TypeScript/Angular.

It worked fine if I compiled the app on the command line using the Angular CLI.

However, IntelliJ was flagging it as an error. I pounded my head on this for a day or so.

The solution was to make sure IntelliJ was pointing at the correct version of TypeScript.

Go into Settings, Language and Frameworks, Typescript and you can choose from the available versions of TypeScript. This setting was pointing at an old version, which was the cause of the error:

I just had to select a new version from the list and I was good to go; the code still worked and IntelliJ was no longer flagging errors.

I was hoping to get a screenshot of the IntelliJ errors in the template, but alas they seem to be gone for good for some reason.

Depending on how I structured the code I either got a TS2305 error on the import, or a TS2345 error on the use of the RXJS map pipe operator.