I've been going strong with weekly blogging for many many years; and then stopped a few months ago.

A few life things happened that made things difficult.

First, my mother in law went on home hospice care earlier in the year and moved in with us That was a major life change that none of us were ready for. She passed in late August. She lived a strong life, and I'm happy to have fallen for her daughter.

Second, I finally left my house. We attempted a pandemic vacation, and then came back with COVID. I got hit hard. I was positive for 10 days; and now over a month later am still experiencing some symptoms.

Along the way, my backlog of blog posts dried up, a few attempts at new things went unfinished, and I was not writing enough to get the new stuff.

As we start to enter the school year; we are working on putting our house back together, finalizing the estate details, and putting our lives back to a normal-ish track.

I hope to be back to normal in 2023. Thank you for the understanding; and patronage.