There are a ton of posts out there about what to do when upgrading the JVM for your ColdFusion instance won't start. None of them helped me, but before continuing you should read these two:

I found both of those helpful.

Anyway, I wanted to give you one more debugging tip. It helped me figure out what my issue was. Run ColdFusion from the command line; not as a service. You can do this by using a batch file in your `ColdFusionInstallDirectory\cfusion\bin` directory. There are two batch files:

  • cfstart
  • cfstop

Running them on the command line was a tremendous help to figure out what the actual issue was. Running it as a service gave me a vague error message which was no help.

On my server, it was missing the VC_redist.x64.exe library; which is a Microsoft Visual C++ lib that a billion things need to run.

On my local machine, I was just using the wrong JRE. Primarily my 32 bit version of ColdFusion was trying to use a 64 bit version of Java's JRE and got confused. Finding a Java 1.8 server JRE was a bit difficult. The client ones do not include the proper server libraries the CF Needs. These are located at `JRE/bin/Server`. There is not a different download for ColdFusion. I found it tucked under program files (86) on my windows machine. I think it got there by installing the full version of Java SE instead of just a JRE download, but I did a lot of that today.

Anyway, if I pointed ColdFusion at the `Program Files (x86)` 32 bit version, it would immediately start to use the 64 bit version in `Program Files`. I actually had to copy the JRE from the default install place into `C:\Java\jdk1.8.0_261\jre' before CF would start up properly.

This is not the be all, end all to this problem; but I never would have diagnosed these two issue without trying to start CF manually from the command line.