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How do I redirect to a different domain inside Angular?

I was doing a code review for a colleague,and as part of his code he was redirecting the browser:

window.location.href = "";

This code was working perfectly fine, but when performing a redirect to another domain in an Angular component, there is a `more angular` way to make this work by using the Document service.

First import this:

import {DOCUMENT} from '@angular/common';

Then you need to inject that into your component:

@Inject(DOCUMENT) private document: Document
) {}

This inject syntax is a bit different than a normal Angular service because it uses the Inject metadata.

Once the document is injected, you can redirect like this:

this.document.location.href = '';

This is just an Angular layer of abstraction over the native JS way to perform a redirect; but when working within an Angular component I like to lean on the Angular abstractions. They help with unit testing purposes.

Get the code here.

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