The new year is often a time to reflect back and look forward. This post is just that.

The Work

I don't usually talk about client specifics, but one project has given me more of a public profile than I'm used to. in 2018 I started working with Disney Streaming Services, and I have started contributing posts to the Disney Streaming Blog. The first post is already up, and I talk about using the Angular CLI to create and combine multiple applications.

The editing process for this blog is a lot tougher than the editing process for my own blog or this newsletter and I feel like some of my voice was stripped out. I'm doing my best to make sure that does not happen with the second post, which is starting the edit phase.

The Learn With Book Series

I had two updates to the Learn With Angular books in 2018, one for Angular 6 and one for Angular 7. The Angular 7 updated represented a major re-write, because I updated the text to use the Angular CLI instead of my home-grown tools. When I started the series, the Angular CLI wasn't a thing, but today it is the best way to write an Angular application.

The bulk of the new content is in the bonus book. I added a chapter on using Redux with Angular, and covered Augury. This year my hope is to expand the series to include a version that uses the material library instead of bootstrap. I'd also love to create a React version of the books. I also want to dig deeper into the rxjs library which underpins both Angular and React. We'll see what time allows.

The Blog

My goal is to write at least one new blog post a week, and I've been at it since October 2015. I had a short reprieve last summer for personal reasons--see below--but still managed to write 53 posts in 2018. I expect to continue writing throughout 2019.

A lot of the stuff I write is down in the nitty gritty of writing code, but I have some plans to write some more philosophical thoughts on the development process. First up is a post about naming conventions all throughout the stack. I hope to have that ready for the next newsletter but have a few other writing commitments in front of it.

Every year I tell myself my blog needs a serious redesign and update. I finally started work on it. My first step was to upgrade to the latest version of BlogCFC, which I have working locally. I created my own branch of the BlogCFC code base and merged in a lot of the custom changes I have made throughout the years. I expect this to be an ongoing process throughout the first quarter of this year.

Personal Stuff

On a sad note, I buried my father last summer. I'm fine about 90% of the time, but some days it hits me harder than others. My dad lived a good life, and is sorely missed by myself, my mother, and my 3 siblings. I miss him.

On a lighter note, in 2019 I'll be celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary. We're planning a big party--just like a wedding except this time we can invite the people we want to invite instead of the people we have to invite. It should be fun.

How was your 2018 and what do you plan to do for 2019?