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How do you Access the Arguments of a Jasmine spy?

I've been writing unit tests for clients. It's a nice change to finally have some clients who care about such things.

I have this Angular method that creates an object, then emits an event.

The method was something like this:

onButtonClick() {

let eventParameters = {};

// do stuff


I want to be compare the properties of the eventParameters argument with what I expect them to be. However, I have no way to access the eventParameters directly because it is local to the method. My first thought was to do something like this:


However my intent was to test the code inside the method, whereas this bypasses calling the method altogether. That would not suffice.

So, how'd I do it?

First, I saved an instance to the Spy:

const mySpy = spyOn(component.eventEmitter, 'emit');

I can drill down into this spy to get the results of the most recent call:

const recentCallArgs = mySpy.calls.mostRecent().args[0];

Once I have the argument object, I can introspect it to compare the arguments created by the method with what I expected them to be.



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