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How do I run ES6 JavaScript code on the console?

I've been following a tutorial on using Redux and the code in the sample is ES6 code. The tutorial ran the code in the debugger of Visual Studio Code, but me being an IntelliJ user could not find an parallel way to run the code.

I created an Index.html file that loaded the JS file, but nothing happened. I assume because the ES6 syntax used in the sample as not yet universal in the browser JS engines.

So, what next? I looked for a way to run the code at the console, and found one. With NodeJS installed:

node filename

That ran the code, and gave the same results that the tutorial got in the Visual Studio Code window. After doing that, I realized I could run the same thing in IntelliJ's terminal Window.

I'm not used to running advanced JS or TypeScript code w/o transpiling it with a tool like TypeScript, Webkit or the Angular CLI. This project started simpler, but I'm good to go now.

I hope this helps you!

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