I got mis-quoted in an article about Pokemon Go.

A friend of mine forwarded me the request from a site named Help a Reporter Out. I answered a bunch of questions about my experiences playing Pokemon Go. For posterity, I thought I'd share the full response I sent to Emily, the author.

1) Do you feel safe playing Pokemon Go? Why or why not?

I feel as safe as I would if I wasn't playing Pokemon Go. I've walked all over Connecticut playing the game. I've been on local parks and trails, from Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts to Disney World in Florida, all over New York City and up to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. If I am in a place that is well lit with lots of people there is no worry of not being safe.

You do have to be aware so you don't bump into others. A few times I've stayed out on hiking trails way past dark. I wouldn't recommend that without proper equipment, regardless of whether you're playing Pokemon Go or not.

2) What is the strangest experience you've had playing Pokemon Go?

Last year, I discovered a fox den right off a local trail in CT. I just turned and looked at the right time and there were 3-5 baby red foxes jumping around and playing. I came back to visit at a safe distance many times until the snow came.

Another time I was almost run over by some guy driving a golf cart on a local trail. I had to act quick to not get run over. I reported him to the local park service since the trails are supposed to be vehicle free.

Other players, often strangers, are willing to walk up to you to ask questions or give advice such as "There is a `Houndoom` spawning over by the bridge on the other side of the park." Pokemon Go has taken away the embarrassment of approaching strangers by providing common ground to start a conversation. It is brilliant to see.

3) Has anyone ever found your location through the app?


4) What is your favorite part about playing the game?

It is a reason to get up and exercise. I run a business out of my home, so it is really tough for me to get my "10,000 steps" without forced exercise time. This gamifies it a bit and gives me incentive to get up and go.

My impression of the article is that it has a negative connotation, trying to highlight how it can be dangerous to play Pokemon Go. I don't feel playing Pokemon Go is any more dangerous than not playing Pokemon Go.

This anecdote of mine that was quoted was embellished and I'm not a fan of that. First, they misquoted me by changing 'run over' to 'hit' when I spoke about the golf cart on the trail. The hard sound of 'hit' have a different impact than the smooth sound of 'run over'. I asked them to correct that.

They also misconstrued my statements to make it sound like the golf cart driver was playing Pokemon Go when he wasn't. They also embellished the story to have me jumping into the bushes which never happened. They aren't even any bushes on the trail I was on.

Definitely an interesting to be quoted in an article.