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How do I find documentation for old versions of UI Bootstrap?

I have been doing a lot of development with AngularJS and Bootstrap. For Bootstrap components, I have been using the UI Bootstrap library. UI Bootstrap is a version of Bootstrap rewritten as Angular directives. It works well, however seems to be in constant flux. Each new version contains changes and reworks and as such different versions are incompatible with each other.

When I start an existing project; I use the most recent version; but I have multiple projects with different clients using the older versions. Upgrading is not usually in the budget. Why would a client want to pay to change something that already works? As such, it is beneficial for me to look at older documentation when making changes; since the most recent documentation is no longer relevant.

So, how do I find the documentation for the older releases?

Just take this URL:

Specify the version number you are looking for. Here are a few options:

The site only archives documentation starting with 0.12.0 on, and they are available using a drop down menu in the main nav bar of the UI Bootstrap site.

I used 0.6.0 for my training course on AngularJS. Version 0.8.0 of UI-Bootstrap is the last one to support the Bootstrap 2; all updates after that support 2.3.

If you need these earlier docs; you'll have to check out an earlier version from the repository.

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