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How do I display hidden text in my table on rollover using CSS?

I was building out an app for a client and they had some wireframes that showed a list of users. The wireframes had a bunch of user data; but the client wanted some of the data hidden until the user rolled over the table row. How do I do that? CSS is the answer.

First, create a CSS class:



Now, create a style for hidden data:

#tableWithHiddenData .rollOverText{

The display CSS element is used to control layout. By giving it the value of none; the information will, essentially, be hidden.

Next, we'll need some CSS to display the hidden text on hover:

#tableWithHiddenData tr:hover .rollOverText{

These are the three CSS elements that are needed, now lets create the table. Since, for my use case, I was displaying user data, our table will contain two columns. One for a user's name and one for the username. The a will always be displayed and a username that is only displayed on rollover:

<table id="tableWithHiddenData">
<td>Jeffry Houser</td>
<td><div class="rollOverText">jhouser</div></td>
<td>Someone Else</td>
<td><div class="rollOverText">someUser41</div></td>
<td>A Third User</td>
<td><div class="rollOverText">LuckyThird</div></td>

Try this out on Plunkr.

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