After every conference, I like to put down my thoughts about it and get a blog post out. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a sponsor, presenter, and attendee at 360|Flex in Denver. The conference was great, as always, and I walked away with very positive vibes for the future of Flex. Although no one is too happy with Adobe, they are positive about Flex and the Apache foundation.

Being a Sponsor

Flextras was a sponsor of the conference this year, promoting our line of UI Components. The components are now free for production use. It is one step in our switch to advanced support. People seemed very positive about the move.

We put together My speaker ratings were kind of middle of the road, but at least most people found the session informative. Ever since the rating app moved to mobile devices; the amount of comments available have gone down tremendously, which is a bit of a bummer. I'd love feedback if you happened to have seen my presentation. I'll be giving the same presentation at D2WC next week.

The conference had a weird vibe during the Speaker Sponsor dinner. It felt a bit like a last hurrah. In some respects it was. Times are changing. Thanks to the advent of mobile devices the "it runs the same everywhere" stance is no longer guaranteed. I believe the use of Flash (or AIR) is going to be more focused; and discrete.

360|Flex MCP

For a while 360Conferences have added a "MVP" designation to certain people who have helped the conference in some manner. I got blessed this year to be one of those. John actually called me a "Business Mentor" up on stage when I was awarded my hoodie.

I was amused by this, because I don't feel like a business success. I don't feel like a failure either, but I'm chugging along having fun. DotComIt hasn't grown to where I want it to be; but I haven't had to give it up either.

John and I often bounce ideas off each other. I see it more of a peer relationship than a mentoring relationship. I don't have any magic secret business sauce.

I also got to see a lot of other friends; and that is part of the reason I love 360|Flex. Tom Ortega, asked me what my plan was. He mentioned that I always have a plan. I have no idea when I learned to start thinking two steps ahead, but he's right. I do have a plan. :-)

Welcome to 360|Stack

360|Flex started as a "cool idea" to get a bunch of Flex Developers together and has blossomed into a conference company that extends beyond just Flex. They put on a Mac development conference and a iPhone developer conference. Some of the "beyond Flex" started to trickle into 360|Flex. There have been a bunch of non-Flex related sponsors and sessions this year such as Appcelerator and Sencha.

As John said, the community around 360|Flex is about the work we're focused on doing; not a specific technology. As such the conference is being rebranded as 360|Stack. Next year will represent the full dev stack; whether that is HTML5 or Flex Development or something different.

I can't wait to see how the next year unfolds.