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Check out the Flextras AutoComplete KickStarter

Earlier this week, I launched a Kickstarter project for Flextras. The intent is to flesh out the API of the Flextras Spark AutoComplete component, and then donate it to Apache Flex.

This is an experimental approach to fund some of the the development I want to do around Apache Flex. At the time of this writing, the project has reached over 10% of it's goal. There are a bunch of cool rewards including T-shirts, Flex Show content, and personal mentoring time with me. If you're interested in Flex, and how it is going to thrive under Apache, check out, and fund the Flextras AutoComplete Kickstarter.

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Mark Fuqua's Gravatar Jeffry,

I sure hope this effort pays off...not even because of the component itself, but because it represents another way for folks like me, who might not be up to committing code, to contribute to Apache Flex.

There needs to be a multitude of avenues for contribution...if this works, maybe others could do similar projects.
# Posted By Mark Fuqua | 11/15/12 9:46 PM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Mark,

Thanks! It is experimental; and not everyone of the Apache PPMC seems to be on board; but so far the response has been primarily positive. I have high hopes.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 11/15/12 10:37 PM
Adam's Gravatar Didn't see the kickstarter; sorry to see that it didn't make it. Any future plans for this?
# Posted By Adam | 1/11/13 10:01 PM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Adam,

We open sourced the Flextras Components. I need to get a Blog post up on the Flextras site; it should come early next week. But, just go to and click the "Get source" button for whichever component you want.

Currently have no plans to self-fund any updates to the components. But, you are more than welcome to do so yourself or if you have budget, feel free to contact us and we can work something out.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 1/11/13 10:39 PM
Adam's Gravatar Oh.. too bad the Spark one isn't as full featured, but now the Apache Flex developers may just finish that for you? Never know.. awesome for Apache Flex though! Thanks, Jeffry.
# Posted By Adam | 1/14/13 3:02 PM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar We only open sourced the components; we did not donate them to Apache Flex. We are, in essence, abandoning the code and don't want folks to view Apache Flex as a place for abandoned code.

But, if someone wanted to take up the reigns to get them donated to Apache Flex; we would help out in whatever way possible.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 1/14/13 3:04 PM
Wesley Acheson's Gravatar Sorry to hear that the projects are abandoned. What are you working for at the moment?
# Posted By Wesley Acheson | 2/25/13 9:16 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Wesley

I'm working with some consulting clients; taking care of some personal (non technical projects) and preparing to write some eBooks.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 2/25/13 10:36 AM
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