I tend to Tweet a lot more than I blog. A lot of questions--and answers--that would have previously turned into blog posts are now summed up in 140 characters or so. Brevity is hard; and I'm constantly impressed by my own personal technical support structure.

You probably know I spoke at 360|Flex in San Jose a while back. As part of presentation, attendees get to rate my performance. The results for this year are in. I like to give my thoughts about the results.

The Stats

First, I'm bummed that the average rating was 3.3158. One a scale of 1-5; I like to be higher. At least it's not low; but just mid range. This is not too be completely unexpected as I was dealing with something entirely new to both myself and most of the Flex Community. Deepa showed up to listen in and ended up fielding a lot of questions near the end. Thank you to Deepa. ( Deepa's domain appears to be expired, so I am not linking to it ).

Aside from the average rating, 89.47% of respondents found the session informative. That is a much nicer number.

Was the speaker authoritative?

I never worry to much about this question, especially when I speak about Building Flex Components. I have unique experience, thanks to Flextras. One comment is spot on:

On things he had researched he was, but as questions got outside of that, not so much.

This is very true. I know what I know; and don't try to BS through what I don't. A few folks give a nice shout out to Deepa for covering me on some of the other questions.

Was the session informative?

A lot of presentations are intended for beginners, and I believe this one was too. I covered a lot of stuff at a high level, without getting too dirty into the details. I was a bit worried because there were two other presentations--before mine--that covered similar topics. But, we all had a slightly different take; so it didn't turn out too bad and I was very well received.

This is especially flattering:

This has been the most useful session for understanding the differences in philosophy between Flex 3 and 4. The very simple examples were amazingly good at showing the principles without "fluff."

I've been told similar things in the past about both my presentation and writing style. I can take complicated things and break hem down into small digestible chunks.

Another comment here:

This session was a lot better than I was expecting. Not sure what I was expecting, but it was much more useful than I anticipated.

Thank You! Except I probably failed a bit in the topic description; or perhaps even the topic title. I'll admit the topic title was a bit open ended. I do better when I'm direct without hyperbole.

Were the Slides Useful?

I also get picked on for slides being sucky. It's not my strong suite; never has been. My slides got rated better here than usual, although someone commented that a few went by too quick.

Additional Comments

I love the catch all question and be sure to add them to every survey.

The teamwork between Deepa and Jeff was really good as well, and it was great she was here as this is brand new and it would be hard for anyone outside Adobe to know every detail.

Someone understood my ignorance on a few of the topics. Thank You!

I leave with one final quote:

it was exactly what it needed to be.

Thanks! I can't think of a better way to finish of this post.