The whole reason I signed up for TMobile as a mobile service provider was because they provided discounts, and no contracts, to people who provided their own phones.

Those plans are now gone, so I have to pay the same amount as others who subsidize their phones over the course of a contract. I assume this change relates to the TMobile current advertising plan comparing 4G TMobile to iPhone ATT.

It appears that their monthly plans are your best option now, but they don't have an option for unlimited data. I am considering signing up for one of the lower priced ones, and then using the "unlimited daily plan" when I need it, which is rare.

On the other hand I got horrible data speeds in LA and New York. Getting 3G in my house, where I have WiFi hooked up to DSL doesn't help me.

What do you guys recommend for cost effective "pay as you go" service? I really only use the cell when I travel.

Here is the full transcript I had with TMobile support:

info: Thank you for choosing T-Mobile. A representative will be with you shortly.

info: All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 0 minutes and 14 seconds. Thanks for your patience.

info: You are now chatting with Sasha.

Sasha: Welcome to T-Mobile online Sales support. How may I assist you today?

You: You used to give discounts on plans to users who bought their own phones. Do you still do that? I can't find information about that on the web site.

Sasha: Are you referring to the no contract plans?

You: Yes

Sasha: As of November 13, we don't offer those plans any more.

You: Bummer; it was my primary reason for choosing TMobile. Thank You!

Sasha: We do offer less costly plans, that will fit your needs.

Sasha: What kind of usage were you looking for?

You: I rarely use the phone at all. ( ~30 minutes last month), and I occasionally text. ( ~50 last month ).

Sasha: We offer pay as you go plans, as well as prepaid plans.

You: Where can I find out information about those?

Sasha: I will send you that link right now, so you can view the plans.

Sasha: click here to view the pre paid plans.

You: Much thanks!

Sasha: Your welcome, you can leave the chat open in case you have more questions.

You: Are there unlimited data options with prepaid plans? I liked the option to turn on data only on the months I was travelling.

Sasha: Although we don't offer the unlimited data with pre paid plans, we do offer with 2gb, 100mb, and 30mb. How often do use the web, or download?

You: If I'm at home; almost never; if I'm traveling tons.

You: I travel rarely.

Sasha: We do offer a web DayPass, for $1.49. Unlimited 24-hour mobile web access for Pay As You Go (also available if you need more data than included in your monthly plan).

You: That may work for me.

You: Will either of my phones work with your monthly plans? ( I have a Google Nexus One and a Blackberry Torch )

Sasha: That's a good question; let me look into that for you.

Sasha: Great news, you are able to use either one of those phones.

You: Great; thanks! That answers all of my questions for the moment.

Sasha: Your welcome, would you like me to keep the chat open in case you have further questions?

You: Nope, I'm good for now! Thank you!

I do have to say, I was happy with the support and information they gave me through the on-line chat. But, last time I was impressed by a how a company reacted through an on-line chat, I ended up reporting them to the BBB.


According to an Engadget post, T Mobile still offers these plans, but do not list them on the web site in order to streamline their on-line experience. I believe this is in direct contradiction to what I was told in the on-line support chat,

I also remember that adding unlimited texting to my plan was $5 per month, whereas when I called the 800 number they insisted it was a $10 a month option. It is a $10 per month option on the web site plans. I couldn't find the promotional document they gave me on pricing, though, to verify my memory. Maybe I'll try to get out to a store to see if I can get another brochure.