That's a long title. I got my session results from 360|Flex. As I have done in the past, I thought some discussion might be in order.

100% of people found my slides useful. 100% found my session informative. Wow, that seems like a bug in the survey result system. Either that or I'm really getting better at this. Most of the comments were really positive:

Once again a great speaker, right from the source.
I liked how Jeffry covered a good range of topics in a slide and code format.
Learned all sorts of cool things about how do keep your code reusable and clean.
He did a good job explaining what it takes to create stable components
Awesome presentation, very informative by an excellent, very knowledgeable speaker.

Thank you for the kind words everyone. There were some sound problems:

The room had a loud air conditioning unit in it and the speakers were not on, so listening to the presentation was difficult.

Believe it or not, all I needed to do was turn on a mic. Of all people at the conference, you'd think I'd have been able to figure that out. But, i was in the room earlier for a different presentation and the speaker was going without a mix, so I assumed--perhaps incorrectly--that it was an issue. I did ask someone from the crowd to go let "The desk" know, but no one moved. I wasn't sure what to do, so decided to just go with it.

I should have tested the mic in the beginning and gotten help earlier instead of having a conversation about stickers on the back of my computer.

I had two detractors:

Seemed to know his stuff, kept the session rolling, stumbled a little bit here and there.
kind of unprepared.

I know I've been more prepared for sessions in the past, but I still thought things went pretty well. I believe the stumbling was due to the fact that I didn't have the session memorized. And often had to look up the specific line numbers of where to go next when I was showing off the code for Flextras components to illustrate the examples.

Yeah, if I had rehearsed it an extra 100 times it would have been better. If those were the only complaints I guess I didn't do too bad, though.

He mentioned that this session was a "spiritual sequel" to another session, but that session wasn't at this conference.
Would like Breeze recordings for download later

The other presentation is available on-line. This one is my favorite recording of it. But, here is another one.

I expect to be giving the presentation on-line via connect at some future point. But I have no specific plans yet.

And one final comment:

Jeff had some sweet hair.

What can I say; I love my hair. I'm told it would be longer if I got the split ends chopped off more than once every 3-5 years.

The full comments are here.