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Write a Story w/ These words

I was recently reading A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future. The book is about why being competent at button pushing is no longer enough to survive in the new world order. You need to offer benefits beyond something that can be automated away from you.

One the components that the book touches on is story telling. My fiance is an elementary school teacher and she gave the assignment to her students to write a story using these words. I thought I'd give it a shot and write my own story.

Before you read my story, feel free to guess where she got the words from or write your own. Here are the words.

Died damage flowers witch
Fortune singing glare creature
Smoke woods dragon flame
Asleep dream princess screamed
Castle drawbridge knight fire
Moat fear glass mirrors
Lips wicked marry together

My story should be after the break.

Hercules was a great dragon that lived in the castle of mirrors. He woke up from being asleep as the sun glinted off the window glass. Hercules was excited because tonight he was having dinner with Isadora. Isadora was a dream dragon from the fire castle. They had known each other since they were both very young.

Hercules had been making plans for a week. He picked some of the prettiest flowers from the Fortune Garden and the plans were perfect. Tonight would be the night Hercules asked Isadora to marry him.

Finally it was time. Isadora was at the drawbridge. Hercules let it down and went to meet Isadora.

"How are you this evening?" said Hercules to Isadora.

"I'm good," responded Isadora.

Their conversation was interrupted as something screamed from the darkness. They looked out over the moat and at first they saw nothing, but the screaming was getting louder. The smoke from the drawbridge torches wafted up into the night sky. Suddenly Zeus, the leader of the singing creatures appeared out of the darkness. The singing creatures were a group of misfits that tended the Fortune Gardens.

"Help us oh great dragon Hercules," pleaded Zeus. "The wicked princess is on a rampage." Hercules paused.

Isadora asked, "Who is the wicked princess?"

Hercules responded, "She is a witch that lives high in the clouds near the western mountains. Her presence brings fear to the land. She often sends her dark knights to burn the flowers of the Fortune Gardens. We have long been at war with her. Her magic is too powerful for me to defeat alone." Hercules blinked from the glare in the fire.

"Perhaps together, we can vanquish this horrible fend" said Isadora.

Hercules was not happy his perfect evening was being interrupted, but did not want to disappoint Isadora.

"Let's make it so," said Hercules. Turning to Zeus; he said, "Lead the way."

Hercules bent down and Zeus climbed upon his back. Then they took off up into the air with Isadora close behind. They flew to the Fortune Gardens. From above they could see that the woods had been ravaged. Fire still burned bright, and the smoked remains of trees and flowers made it difficult to see. Coursing through the gardens they finally found the wicked princess.

The wicked princess was at the heart of the action, calling out commands to her dark nights. Lightning bolts shot from her hands to strike the homes of the singing creatures into flames. The Dark Knights were grabbing the singing creatures and stuffing them into burlap sacks. Singing creatures scattered in fear from the burning homes; rushing out into the woods where they could hide safely.

Isadora was horrified at the sight. "You save the singing creatures." She stated. "The wicked princess is mine." Without waiting for an answer she was off, gaining speed and shooting straight the wicked princess. Never underestimate the ferocity of an angry Dream Dragon. In one blink the wicked princess was gone; pulverized by the dream dragon's white flame.

"Wow, that was amazing," said Hercules. "Will you marry me?"

"Of course," said Isadora. They kissed on the lips.

Tada, there is my story. All names and events are completely fictional and any relation to persons living or dead is completely coincidental. Unless you think the cabbage patch kids and webkins that live in my living room are alive; then there may be a slight relation.

Did you guess the source story? It was Shrek.

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Kevin's Gravatar Nice story. Here's a couple words for the honeymoon chapter: Dragon. Chocolate. Thrust. Ooooh. Wet. Yummy. Swollen. Heavy. Gasp. Fire. Heaving. Pucker. Lick. Grin. Sly. Giggle. Moan. Nose.
# Posted By Kevin | 3/16/09 7:26 PM
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