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25 Random Things [About my relationship]

This is a Valentines Day variation on the facebook meme; and my good friend Tim inspired me, so here goes.

This is kind of like the "25 random things about me" - except there are pre-decided questions and it's about you and your spouse, not just you. Come on, play along - inquiring minds want to know! ;-)

Just copy this post into your own notes & change the answers!

? What are your middle names? Something w/ an A Something w/ a B

? How long have you been together? Since late 2001. It could be August. Or September. Or December 25th because that is a date I'm unlikely to forget.

? How long did you know each other before you started dating? How do you define dating? You could say immediate. Or you could say one month.

? Who asked who out? I probably said "okay, we can go out on an official date."

? How old are each of you? umm... no idea

? Whose siblings do/ did you see the most? Probably hers.

? Do you have any children together? Do Cabbage Patch Kids Count?

? What about pets? Do Webkins Count?

? Did you go to the same school? No

? Are you from the same home town? No

? Who is the smartest? Me

? Who is the most sensitive? Her

? Where do you eat out most as a couple? Does pizza delivery count as eating out? If so, Uptown Pizza. Beyond that, it used to be Chilis except the food went to crap last year. Now it is more often Ruby Tuesday's. I love chains (much to the chagrin of the rest of my family )

? Where is the farthest you two have traveled together as a couple? WA or CA; I'm not sure which is farther.

? Who has the worst temper? Not sure. It is hard to get me mad, but when it happens hide. She is more easily onerous.

? Who does the cooking? Both.

? Who is more social? Her.

?Who is the neat freak? Neither, but if I had to choose... comparatively, that would be me

? Who is the more stubborn? Me

? Who wakes up earlier? We both do, but she wakes up earlier.

? Where was your first date? Chilis [I think] then off to Equator Club for a show

? Who has the bigger family? She does

? Do you get flowers often? Nope

? How do you spend the holidays? Depends which holiday. We usually see both families at some point

? Who is more jealous? Jealous of what?

? How long did it take to get serious? I think we'll start getting serious i about 15 years.

? Who eats more? Not sure

? Who does/ did the laundry? We both do our own.

? Who's better with the computer? Me

? Who drives when you are together? I think she probably drives more; but it depends on what we're doing. If it's her family, she drives. If it's my family I drive.

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Theteeker's Gravatar Our SAT scores are the same, buddy. It's how we use the smarts,
not who is smarter!
# Posted By Theteeker | 2/16/09 7:16 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar What do SAT scores have to do w/ Intelligence?
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 2/16/09 8:31 AM
Jason the Saj's Gravatar I've always found intelligence to be an equation...

Intelligence = (SAT + GPA + IQ) * Creativity/Focus

There are some brilliantly smart people, who struggle with focus and thus lose productivity. Likewise there are some very uncreative people who have good focus. So the above equation will give you your intelligence.

That said, don't ask me to interpret the result nor to tell you whether a higher or lower number is representative of intelligence.

# Posted By Jason the Saj | 2/16/09 1:57 PM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar I was talking to T this morning. Her best friend said that I was more intelligent because I knew the capital and the white house were different buildings.

It makes me wonder how one defines intelligence.

I don't think that not knowing something means you're not intelligent. It just means you are ignorant. Ignorance can be cured.

I tend to think it is not "What you know", but rather your capacity to learn.

I think that SAT tests what you know w/o taking into account your capacity for learning. I'm not sure how GPA fits in. I don't know how IQ should fit into the equation if at all.

Creativity and Focus can both affect productivity and useful output. But, do either things relate to intelligence?

Beats me
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 2/16/09 2:37 PM
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