Every once in a while on the Flextras Friday Lunch the conversation turns to business related topics. I talk about the difference between infinite digital goods and scarce goods. Digital goods can be easily copied and distributed. Scarce goods, such as services, are not easily replicated.

The record industry has been hit hard by this market switch. It is easy to find the music of many bands for free out there on the Internet and this is eroding the business of selling music. Movies appear to be following the same path and I suspect software isn't too far behind. When the "cash cow" goes away, how do you make a salary?

Content Creators in the Digital Economy

One method for making a living is to find people who find value in their work, then give them a way and reason to support them. Many musicians have started giving away mp3s in order to sell other scarce goods.

One such scarce good is the ability to create more music; many musical acts have connected with fans to fund the production of their next album. We've decided to try this approach with The Flex Show.

Support us, we'll give you stuff

About a week ago we launched a pledge drive, so our listeners can support The Flex Show in 2010. For as little as $5 we'll send you some stickers and thank you on the web site. For a bit more, we'll thank you in an episode. We didn't stop there.

You can control aspects of the show. Do you want to replace our theme song? Would you like more screencasts? Do you want to join us for a recording and approve the final edit? Or perhaps you'd like to see us go weekly in 2010? All these things are possible. We even have a few fun options in there, such as getting together for lunch, or hanging out at the next 360|Flex conference.

  • Have you been listening to The Flex Show? We have over 110 episodes now.
  • Do you know of a better, free, educational resource out there for Flex Developers?
  • Would you like to see us keep going?

Then choose your option and show us you care. Thank you for the support.