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25 Things You Didn't Know about Jeffry Houser

I got tagged on Facebook by Tim; but writing such an important post over there seemed like a waste when I could put it here.

  1. I own a business currently in it's 10th year, give or take depending on the start date. First client was summer 1999. I left my day job in Fall of 1999. I incorporated in 2nd quarter of 2000.
  2. I've been in 3 serious bands; two of them focused on original music. Far Cry Fly was the most prominent of the bands; we were a duo consisting of guitar + hand drums.
  3. I've been working with a business coach for about a year in an attempt to change the business from straight services consulting to a product based business. I just launched the first product in a line of interface Components for Flex Developers
  4. I have a constant ache in my jaw on the right side. I've been devoting a lot of time to figuring out how to get rid of it. Last year I Got my wisdom teeth out. It helped, but the issue is not gone. This year I'm focusing on making my work-space more ergonomic. I just bought a new keyboard drawer. Unfortunately, w/ the drawer it appears that my keyboard is a lot higher than my mouse; which makes it hard to adjust the chair so I can reach both of them w/o straining. I expect a hydraulic desk from IKea may be in my future so that I can adjust the height of the desk easier; and spend some parts of the day standing.
  5. Occasionally I wrote posts for a group blog on company startups at
  6. I'm pretty particular in contract negotiations, mainly because I had a lot of problems in my early years as a business owner.
  7. The Nintendo Wii is the first gaming console I've ever owned. I'm trying to fill in my cultural gap by using the virtual console to play games I never had. I bought two domains; and; but never got around to releasing the sites. And I'm not sure I have time to blog them anyway. I still haven't plugged my way through the first Super Mario Brothers.
  8. If for some reason, I was inclined to spend $150 on a pair of fancy drinking glasses; I would consider them way to expensive to drink from. Especially when I have a perfectly serviceable green plastic cup that was free because a roommate left it when he moved out.
  9. I've written three books for Osborne McGrawHill on ColdFusion. I turned down three offers to write Flex books from different publishers. I'm now smart enough to ask "how big is the market; how many books do you expect to sell" I'm amazed at how many publishers told me "O'Rielly had books that sold well, so we can too." With such a copycat approach to market research, this industry deserves to go under.
  10. I produce a podcast on Adobe Flex. We've done 80 episodes in total and average ~2800 downloads per episode. I used to refer to each episode as my own personal hour of training.
  11. After eight years of dating; I'm engaged. T and I are fighting--in that way that engaged couples do--about how traditional our wedding should be. I think her best friend actual agrees with me more than her; which is odd. So far, we're gonna hike out to a waterfall for the ceremony and do a reception in the backyard.
  12. If I were in a band today, I'd do a lot of things completely different on the promotional front. It's not worth my time to do "new" stuff to promote the old band memorabilia, though. I miss songwriting w/ other people
  13. I love pizza. And Pepsi. Especially together. Pepsi is my Achilles heel. I drink too much. I do not drink coffee, though.
  14. I have a pay as you go cell phone, but rarely use it. The idea of a smart phone (and/or netbook) intrigues me for the sake of having a "always with me" ToDo list, but can't justify the related costs for "Everywhere Internet".
  15. I used to walk an hour a day, but got out of practice when my wisdom teeth were removed. The weather has prevented me from getting back into the swing of things.
  16. I had five wisdom teeth in there, don't ya know. Now they are in a pill bottle in my office. The same pills I took when healing from wisdom teeth removal surgery.
  17. I think American Idol trivializes the amount of work it takes to be successful in the music industry.
  18. I hate reality TV, but love slasher movies. The Friday the 13th remake has plenty of problems right off the bat. First, Jason wasn't in the original Friday the 13th; except for one tack on scene at the end. Second, Jason didn't wear the iconic mask until part 3. Third, they didn't get Kane Hodder to place Jason.
  19. I watch Smallville, Supernatural, Lost, Heroes, and The Simpsons. They are the only shows I catch "new". Anything else is just random surfing, often while eating. If a new Muppet Show is made, it is likely to get into my "playlist"
  20. I'm a huge fan of the band Nirvana. I collected a lot of bootlegs in the years following Kurt Cobain's suicide. I had ~110 tapes; which I gave away when I got out the trading game. I discovered later, that the person I donated my collection to gave them away when he got out of the trading game. I still have all my CDs (~50), which includes all the official releases and ~30 bootlegs. IT takes up a whole shelf on my CD case. I ripped the good stuff; about 7.5 hours of Nirvana music. Four of the CDs in my collection were lent to me back in the early days of CD-R. I did dupe them, but never got around to returning them. Sometimes I feel bad about it.
  21. I do not have cable or satellite or pay for any form of TV Service. I use bunny ears. I get a handful of digital channels, but have been meaning to get an antenna on the roof to improve signal.
  22. I worry about going broke, which is kind of foolish at the moment. I've come a lot closer to broke than I am now.
  23. I think people who didn't like the Star Wars prequels or Indy 4 don't realize that it is because they have changed; not because George Lucas' filmmaking got worse.
  24. I do a real bad job of keeping in touch w/ friends; as such I'm not close to a lot of people. Many people I was close to in the past I'm no longer close to now. There is no bad blood [that I'm aware of], life just gets in the way. Specially when focusing on business. This is why I don't want a wedding party.
  25. I'm a rather analytical person; and think through every decision I make; sometimes to an extreme.

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Mer's Gravatar I think I knew all that :P
# Posted By Mer | 1/23/09 9:08 AM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar And here I thought I was baring my soul.

I'm not surprised, though. Is there anything not written on my face?

Ooh, I forgot to mention that my beard has gray hair. Believe it or not
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 1/23/09 11:49 AM
Steve's Gravatar "I have a pay as you go cell phone, but rarely use it. The idea of a smart phone (and/or netbook) intrigues me for the sake of having a "always with me" ToDo list, but can't justify the related costs for "Everywhere Internet"."

You know I'm the same way. I've got my Tracfone, and large monthly bills for mobile internet service is something I would never pay for. However, mobile internet is what I've always dreamed of. I'm happy to report that the iPod Touch is the answer to 90% of the problem. I am absolutely enamored with the thing. It's wireless connectivity makes it more of a laptop replacement than anything else... without any monthly fees. And you can find free wireless net pretty much anywhere you look. 90% of my dream is pretty good.
# Posted By Steve | 1/26/09 4:11 PM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Steve,

I've toyed around w/ getting an iPod touch [or a netbook--which could run Flex / AIR apps] for that purpose. But, I spend so little time ont he road; I can't justify the cost right now. But, maybe once Flextras starts to take off I can revisit.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 1/26/09 5:33 PM
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