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Jeffry Houser's Holiday Letter

This went out to a bunch of people and maybe you've already seen it; but for posterity purposes; here is our 2008 Holiday Letter. We never got around to mailing out 2007's Holiday letter; so some of this stuff is 2007 related. I cut out a handful of the stuff that was T-only because it's my blog not hers.

Here is the letter:

We hope you have (or have had) a Happy Holiday season. Believe it or not we actually wrote a Holiday letter last year, but never got around to sending it. That is either the epitome of busyness or laziness. You decide!

Once again, we had another (two) year(s) of fun, games, and chocolate. Here's an update for those of you who read these letters!

First off, we're getting hitched. We've been dating for a couple years (T says: seven years) and Jeffry figured it was about time. We're still figuring out the best way to pull this off.

It was a pleasure to see many of you at our various events such as the Week Before Labor Day Party, the bowling bash, and the Thanksgiving weekend brunch. We'll do more next year, so if you want to be on our Evite list, please let us know.

When we say it was two year(s) of games, we weren't joking. Start with a collection of children's blocks (like the block box from Jeffry's parent's basement), a box of heavy rubber bands, and a smattering of Action Figures. Set up the blocks on a table, position the figures on them, and fire away with the rubber bands! It's like a video game from 30 years ago. This game was named Slingshot, by Tammi's adopted nieces.

We weren't content with tiny plastic people, so we searched for more intelligent prey. That led us to laser tag, a game that Jeffry had never played before. In laser tag you get to run around in a dark maze and get shot many times by a bunch of 12 year olds. To top that off, we collected some high tech toys in the form of a Nintendo Wii (& new large screen TV & some surround sound speakers). The Wii has a motion sensitive controller, which makes for a truly unique gaming experience. We have all the cool party games like Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, and Mario Kart.

Even though we love the seasons in Connecticut, we still had a chance to step away from the house quite a bit. December 06 we flew into Spokane WA the middle of nowhere to visit Jeffry's sister. The weather kept us indoors with no cable, Internet, or phone. The trip home was ~24 hours; and Jeffry swore he'd never travel again: A claim he eventually rescinded.

We had a sinfully delicious steak dinner in Omaha on Good Friday, a sandwich while floating kayaking rafting down the docile mighty Delaware River, and a meal in the round at Seattle's Space Needle. We flew to San Jose and visited Oakland and San Francisco in 2008. Jeff tried lamb at a Thai place in California and finally got to have an animal-style burger at In N Out. T helped her best friend move to Virginia.

For Valentine's Day, Jeffry was able to "acquire" a 96-serving sized box of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy ice cream. Somehow, we got less than 25 servings from it, but they were all good till the last drop. We even got to see a pre-Broadway showing of Young Frankenstein the musical.

Jeffry has finally put some focus into DotComIt. He hired a business coach; and is paying that person a lot of money to ask, "What do you want to do with your life?" over and over again. The result of this is that Jeff is building a line of interface components for Flex Developers. Jeff also started an Internet radio show (AKA podcast) on Adobe technologies named The Flex Show. If you don't know what that means, you probably won't care to listen beyond the novelty value of "Hey, " know that guy".

T got formally accepted into grad school, and we expect this to end most of her social life for the next two years as she tries to complete her Masters in History. At the day job, T's school moved into a new building (again), but this time they moved into state of the art facility with working AC and heat. Along the way, Tammi switched from 6th grade to a multiage 4th/5th grade level. In May, Tammi got big thanks from co-workers for organizing Multicultural Day. The schedule was set up 2 ½ weeks before the event and most of the day ran smoothly.

Here is wishing you all the best in 2009.

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