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My Personality
Openness to Experience

You rarely get angry and it takes a lot to make you angry, however you experience panic, confusion, and helplessness when under pressure or stress. You tend not to talk much and prefer to let others control the activities of groups. You tend not to express your emotions openly and are sometimes not even aware of your own feelings. There are times when you believe that a certain amount of deception in social relationships is necessary, however you are mostly candid, frank and sincere. People find it moderately easy to relate to you, however you do not particularly like helping other people. Requests for help feel like an imposition on your time. You take your time when making decisions and will deliberate on all the possible consequences and alternatives.

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How much of this is me? Answer before reading my thoughts.

I do like helping people (especially w/ technical questions), although am definitely happier when such people show respect for my time. I don't think it's too much to ask for, eh?

Other than that, I don't put too much emphasis on 5 minute Internet tests, but I often find them amusing none the less. This one seems to be pretty close to the way I see myself. :-)

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Larry C. Lyons's Gravatar Generally I'm quite skeptical of most personality tests, although I do like the NEO-PI which is the inventory that the test you took is based on. One problem with personality scales is that they rarely directly relate to behavior. Typically the correlations that are found are less than .30 - which means that there is little correspondance to reality - you have less than 9% shared variance between the behavior and the personality scale results.

Give you a real life example, hypnotic susceptibility and absorption (which is a subset of the openness scale). the best research summaries find that over all research, what is found is that the relationship between the 2 is typcially only r=.25 or about 5% of the variation in hypnotizability scores can be attributed to the absorption scale results. (see h for this study).

So generally I take the results of any personality test with more than a grain of salt.


# Posted By Larry C. Lyons | 4/19/08 1:19 PM
Mer's Gravatar I think this is pretty dead on. It's pretty accurate on how I would describe you. I do think you are overly generous with your time (with me,) but I would like to think I am special lol and you are not that way with everyone ;)
# Posted By Mer | 4/19/08 3:28 PM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar Larry,

And I thought I was just taking some stoopid Internet quiz because I was bored. ;)

Do you know anything about PXT tests? I've heard of companies who use it as part of their hiring process. I've taken one myself, and was pretty impressed in how accurate it was.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 4/19/08 4:03 PM
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