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How do you find me on the Internet?

Note: Update 1/15/2010

If you want to stay on top of what I'm currently doing or if you ever need to contact me, here are a few ways that you can do it:

  • My Personal Blog: If you're reading this, then you probably know about my blog. Various categories of the blog are syndicated to LiveJournal (Just my personal Feed), MXNA (Flex and ColdFusion feeds), FullAsAGoog (Flex and ColdFusion Feeds), ColdFusion Bloggers (ColdFusion Feed), Feed Squirrel (Flex and ColdFusion Feeds), and All Your Flex Are Belong to US (Flex Feed). My feed on Adobe AIR could be syndicated at some of these places, but my memory is hazy on such issues.

  • The Flex Show I produce a podcast focused on Adobe Flex called The Flex Show. My co-host is John Wilker of 360Flex fame. We interview people in the Flex Developer community and sometimes run down a list of interesting news items.
    Update: The Flex Show has a twitter account here

  • Twitter: Mini Blogging for the Web 2.0 age. You can find my twitter account here. I use the IM client which has been real flakey these days, so most of my twittering is to complain about it..
    Update: I use twitter all the time

  • ColdFusion Community: A Social networking site for ColdFusion Developers, created using the Ning network. Find my page here
    Update: I rarely use this site.

  • Flexcursion FlexCursion is another ning network designed for Flex Developers. Here is my account
    Update: I rarely use this site.

  • DotComIt: I own a Premium Adobe Solutions parter named DotComIt. We specialize in RIA Development with Flex and ColdFusion and have been in business for 10 years and counting.

  • Update:
    Flextras: DotComIt launched a line of user interface Flex Components under the name of Flextras. It is our main focus moving into 2010. Check them out or follow us on twitter or on

  • Update:
    Facebook: I finally joined Facebook, and am consistently 30-50 friends behind my wife; so feel free to connect with me.

  • IM Accounts: It's not uncommon for people to contact me for questions via Instant Messaging. I'm Reboog711 on AIM, Gtalk, and Yahoo. I don't use Yahoo any more because of so much IM Spam, though. I don't mind the questions, but please respect my time.
    Update: I don't use Yahoo Messenger at all.

  • Adobe Community Expert: My Bio is finally up on the Adobe Community Expert Site. Reading it in retrospect, I think I need to make some minor modifications for consistency. Sometimes I listed links with 'http' other times I don't.
    Update: Lots of weird styles and html in that bio; I wonder if that is my fault or due to Adobe Groups.

  • Pownce: You can find me on pownce over here. I rarely use the account, though.
    Update: Pownce was shut down.

  • LinkedIn: I have a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a professional networking site. I'm very protective of my LinkedIn network, so do not try to add me unless we have a previous relationship of some sort.

  • E-mail: I'm not foolish enough to post my e-mail address directly to a web page, but you can contact me through the contact forms on my various web sites here, or here, or here. I love to blog about questions that you have, so I encourage you to contact me and ask.

And there you have it. I wasn't sure where to categorize this post, but decided to select the syndication categories.

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