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Getting Ready to Go Home

T and I are getting ready to check out of the 360Flex hotel. The conference ended a few days ago, but we extended it into a mini vacation.

I saw a bunch of stuff, but in brief. The plane doesn't leave until 12:55 am on Sunday morning. Were going to catch the Young Frankenstein musical in its pre broadway run. Other than that, we're going to eat and walk around aimlessly before heading to the airport around 8.

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Jason the Saj's Gravatar Hi Jeffry,

Good seeing you again. Had a fun time at the top of the needle! was "Young Frankenstein"? I would have enjoyed seeing that as it's one of my favorite films. Though I think it'd be hard pressed to upstage Gene Wilder. :)
# Posted By Jason the Saj | 8/20/07 1:55 PM
Jeffry Houser's Gravatar We had great seats, five rows back near the center. Some of the jokes were really funny, but others were hit and miss. The guy who played Igor had a standout performance. But, overall the play didn't engage me. I almost fell asleep twice (which may or may not have been related to the play). It is a shame that the Wil and Grace girl is getting "all the press" since she not a main character in the play. She does have a great voice, though.

I'll give props to the music folk too. The music was very well done.

Mel Brooks was in the audience. We saw him running out of the theater during intermission and at the end. I suspect (but not sure) that he had a role on the stage too.

I can't compare it to the movie, as I never saw it. But I'm going to add it to my my blockbuster online list.
# Posted By Jeffry Houser | 8/20/07 2:18 PM
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