The general idea of the Project of the Month is to donate some money to an open source project and write a blog post about it.

Everyone knows about the major open source projects, such as the Linux kernel or Firefox, but there are plenty of examples of open source projects that impact you in some way that might not appear on most people's radars.

I thought this was a really good idea, so I'm joining in.

I just made my first "Project of the Month" donation to the CFEclipse project. CFEclipse is an eclipse extension that I use every day for ColdFusion and web development. Eclipse is a free IDE that just keeps getting bigger. CFEclipse is one of the top rated Eclipse plug-ins and it quickly becoming the tool of choice for ColdFusion Developer's everywhere.

A big thanks to Mark and everyone who ever contributed to CFEclipse.

Some brand new cool feature regarding CFEclipse are supposed to be announced at CFObjective. I'm looking forward to it.

See Other Projects of the Month by other people. And feel free to join in yourself.