The bots are getting better:

[10:22] id_kissluv:
[10:22] Reboog711: Do I know you?
[10:23] id_kissluv: am debbie here
[10:23] Reboog711: Hi Debbie, do I know you?
[10:24] id_kissluv: nope
[10:24] id_kissluv: just intrested in chatting
[10:24] Reboog711: About what?
[10:24] id_kissluv: any thing
[10:25] Reboog711: How did you find me?
[10:25] id_kissluv: from directory
[10:26] Reboog711: Okay, what my profile made you want to talk to me?
[10:26] id_kissluv: fe
[10:26] id_kissluv: 29
[10:26] id_kissluv: uk
[10:26] id_kissluv: single
[10:26] Reboog711: The bots are really improving

Reading back, Debbie Bot's response was obviously triggered by the world profile. I didn't catch it at the time despite my response

[10:27] id_kissluv: what u do 4 living
[10:28] Reboog711: What do you do?
[10:28] id_kissluv: i work for ice company in uk
[10:28] id_kissluv: and u
[10:28] Reboog711: Web consulting
[10:28] Reboog711: What do you do at ice company?
[10:28] id_kissluv: sell fish
[10:28] id_kissluv: crab
[10:28] id_kissluv: chicken
[10:29] Reboog711: interesting
[10:30] id_kissluv: can i ask you qestion
[10:30] Reboog711: Yes
[10:30] id_kissluv: are you honest
[10:30] Reboog711: Yes
[10:30] id_kissluv: you intrested in making extra income
[10:30] id_kissluv: easy job
[10:30] id_kissluv: stay at home job
[10:31] id_kissluv: wont affect present income
[10:31] id_kissluv: stay at home job
[10:31] id_kissluv: legal job
[10:31] Reboog711: No

And I never heard from Debbie Bot again.