I once heard that people commute for a max of 40 minutes to get to work. The number of people who commute longer than 40 minutes, is significantly lower than the number who commute 40 minutes or below.

I don't know where I heard this, but I think it was in college somewhere. I wonder if its true, so I thought I'd try to verify some of this information.

Here is a census press release that discusses commute times. The national average is 24.4 minutes ( Or 25.1 minutes if you believe this more recent source )

New Yorkers spend an average of 38.4 minutes commuting one way and have the longest commutes in the country.

This all supports my belief that very few people commute longer than 40 minutes.

Most of the podcasts I listen to need to shorten up their length so that they can be listened to in a single commute. The 1 hour plus podcasts can just get a little disjointed when you listen over the course of 3 different commutes.

I'm planning to move to Polk County, Iowa the shortest commute in the country at 16.9 minutes (Ha, Ha J/K).