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The Flex Show Flex Podcast

Ryan said it better than I. We started a Flex Podcast named The Flex Show.

The first episode is available now.

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Jason's Gravatar Hi Jeff,

Is there a way to download the older podcasts from iTunes. I've gone to but the download option just goes to a player. I tried to "save as" but when I right-click there is no such option.

I'd like to listen to some of the past episodes on my iPod.

- Jason
# Posted By Jason | 5/30/07 10:02 AM
Jeff Houser's Gravatar Yep. To download from iTunes, go here:

if the download option goes to a player, it is probably due to the settings on your browser. Quicktime seems to hijack the option to download files such as mp3s for some reason.
# Posted By Jeff Houser | 5/30/07 10:23 AM
Andychou's Gravatar Need 3 Flex engineers in New York City:
1. You have to be living in New York City for now.
2. Work part time or full time with us.
3. Good at Adobe Flex technology.
4. Please contact us for other requirement and details.

Busycode Inc. is a top Adobe Flex shop who develops Flex/AIR applications for clients.
For more info, please visit
# Posted By Andychou | 4/19/08 9:17 PM
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