I found a box of pengiun caffinated peppermints today. They are probably a thinkgeek item. I think they were given to me by Luke last time I was in Kansas.

That's a long time ago.

They still pack a punch apparently, since I had a half dozen today and am wide awake despite the late hour.

It almost feels like I'm catching up work and may even get to install Al Emmo 'morrow. Vintage adventure gaming at its best. Or newest, depending on your perspective. The demo had great "old-school style puzzles" but the voice acting was awful.

I read subtitles faster than voice actors can speak, so generally I'll click through the voice acting.

This house is creeking tonight (it always does) and it has kind of put me on a slight edge, jumping at shadows that aren't even there.

I bet there are enough nuts like me to make Himalayan Studios a tidy profit which can fund "game 2." I think I read that 10,000 units would be a roaring success. 1,000 units is around the break even point.

I'm estimating they probably spent around $30,000 to build the game based on those numbers, probably most of it on living expenses for the developers, who I suspect are bored dotcom millionaires who got out at the right time. I want to do that.

The King's Quest 3 remake comnpletely rocked. I haven't played King's Quest 9, yet (but I do have the RC1 candidate installed)