The music industry is trying to shut down web sites that include Guitar Tablature. For the non-musicians on the list, Guitar Tablature is a way that musicians can tell each other how to play songs. It's like sheet music, but different. Instead of notes on a scale, you have one 'line' for each strong on the guitar. Then you put a number on each line. The number corresponds to the fret that you push down with your fingers. Rhythm and tempo that are normally part of sheet music are not part of tab. Many guitarists just want to find the basics of the song and put it together themselves.

Anyway, if I sit down and create tablature for a song, then I can legally copyright that tablature. I'm unsure if it can stand alone as 'new work', but it would definitely classify as a derivative work. If I post that to an Internet site, what laws, exactly, am I violating?

It's one thing if I copy tab out of a music book that I bought. I can see where that would clearly not be fair use. But, if it is tab I created should be fair game, right? In almost all cases the tab that most people create is a far cry from the 'real' tab you need to play the song. It's faker tab at best.

This is probably going to hinder a lot of cover bands.