Is there anyone who doesn't know the plot of this movie? It was so highly publicized from within the commercials and its theatre run. Two killers are married to each other, but neither knows what the other's true job is. They work for competing agencies. They are hired to kill each other. The actual events are a bit more complicated than that, but the summary is good enough.

The first third of the movie is the couple living in bland marriage. The space between them is growing. Since you already know what is going on, it is a bit satirical. I'm not sure if it was intended to be, but it is. Then the guns start blazing at each other for the second third of the movie. The final third of the movie is when they make-up and then flight from their bosses who want to take them in.

This movie has action, comedy, and is a great twist on the "buddy cop" formula. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work in the current rendition. I bet this could have been a really great movie if they cut it down to 90 minutes. Instead we had a mediocre summer blockbuster.


This movie has comedy elements combined with action elements, and never really succeeds at any of them. I smiled a bit, but overall the performances were bland. The chemistry between Angelina and Brad was lacking. I thought it was the making of this movie that hooked up, so their plastic performances was a bit surprising.

Watch it Again

I'm glad I saw it, but I doubt you'll find a convincing reason to make me see it again.