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I'm working locally, but accessing a remote database. It is acting horrendously slow, which allows me time to write this.

As such; I have time to write this. Frequent readers here may remember my complaints about Gem Resourcing and the screen scraping and e-mail I recieved from them. Generally, I try not to shrink to colorful language, so it's odd I actually swore (even in writing).

Anyway, I just recieved a second unsolicited e-mail from them.

Jeff - thanks for the wonderful words - you appear to be very professional. However you obviously do not understand that I made a boo boo and sent the wrong letter. As a recruiting firm we create different letters depending on how we introduce ourselves and the position we are currently searching on. When I realized I had the wrong letter, I contacted, what I thought was the President of the primary Users Group. In this letter I offered a personal apology to anyone offended. Further I had asked this person if there was a way I could distribute this - I was later told that he would handle this instead.
Following is the letter I wrote.

John yes I did. And please note that I sent the wrong letter. Most everyone who knows me speaks of me as heartfelt and sincere. If you speak to anyone who I have offended please offer my apologies! If they want one personally I will offer this as well. If you would like I can create a letter and you can distribute it.
Thank You for your kind and informative communication.

Lucian Mone' - Senior Recruiter
GEM Resourcing
"going the extra mile"

I have not contacted them in any way. I wonder if the wonderful words he is speaking of are the ones from my previous blog post? There was quite a buzz about this among other User Group Managers; so I assume someone had contacted him and made him aware of what he did, and why it was 'wrong'.

Of course, then he turns around and does the same thing, although at least this time he also scraped my name off the UG listing. I'm amused.

I wonder if any of this could count as slander? I don't think so (as I've stated nothing but fact and opinion), but...

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