I know it's been proven that Netflix purposely penalizes people who are massive users of the system. They even, recently, modified their terms of use to say that.

From a business perspective it makes sense. If you send out 100 movies a month to a user and only charge them $20, you lose on shipping. The throttling tactics delay shipments of movies.

i think I'm being throttled in some manner, but I'm not sure why. If I watch 2 movies a week, it's a lot.

There have been times when Netflix movies have been delayed in getting to me (currently right now its happening with Halloween: Ressurection but more on that later).

The most telling case is Killer Klowns From Outer Space. I had three movies out. I sent one back. They sent me Killer Klowns. This was during the holiday season (late last year). due to other stuff going on, i never got around to watching / finishing the other two movies so did not send anything back. After waiting two weeks for Killer Klowns to show up, I reported it lost in the mail. They sent me another one ASAP, and all was fine.

Fast forward to January, I finally finish going through all three movies and send them back at once. They send me three new movies; yet I recieve four. the fourth movie was the missing Killer Klowns. It was still in that christmas envelope. I suspect they packed it up for me, sent me the e-mail announcement that it was on its way, but held off shipping it.

This is not the first time that type of thing has happened. Delayed movies have shown up at the very same time as 'non-delayed' movies.

i think my movie watching habits are sporadic at best.

Anyway, with Halloween Ressurection, I have not yet recieved the announcement that they recieved the movie I sent back and sent the new one. So, imagine my surprise when I signed into my account today to see that they had recieved it, and it was slated for a delivery of 4 days ago.

Suspicious. i bet it get when i send the current two I have back, and the 'new batch' gets sent out.

That could cause problems, however. I'm holding one so I can watch it with T. Who knows when that will happen?