I lent my guitar to a friend. i've done some recording for him as of late. His guitar was in the shop and he needed to borrow one to get through the gig.

Next to my house, my two gigging guitars were probably the most expensive thing I own. ( And I don't even own the house, the bank does ).

Either I was exuberant with the guitars spending, or thrifty everywhere else. You decide.

Anyway, I gave him the guitar on Friday, with the intent that he'd call me on Saturday to return it. That's great.

I still don't have it back; and it's starting to peeve me off.

Saturday he said he'd call me around 10 in the morning. I waited and called him around 3. He was out; but his wife said the guitar was right there.

Sunday, I left another message and he e-mailed me.

I spoke to him late on monday night, but his phone kept crapping out. I was out and Tuesday, so we couldn't touch base. I called him when i got home, but he never returned the call.

Today is Wednesday, he should be hime within the hour (of course, i'm supposed to be on my way up to Springfield to record the Heritage Pops as part of the New Music Showcase. It should be an interesting gig.

I have reservations about recording them. Last time it came up, because during our first meeting, because one of the board members told me about he often makes copies of store-bought CDs for his daughter so that she can sell them at school for $5. I didn't want to associate myself, or my business w/ a music pirate. They were also going to be recording some copyright songs, but refused to properly license them.

I've been told that the leadership has changed, or else I wouldn't be going tonight. Hopefully it all works out.