Update: Looks like deep links into the trademark search don't work; so you'll have to do your own searches if you care. I provided the serial numbers / reg numbers for relevant searches

Adobe has asked FlashObject to to change their name. FlashObject is an open source JavaScript object that is used to detect the Adobe Flash player.

Adobe is walking on a tricky slope with this one. Flash is too generic to be granted a trademark.

Macromedia had a trademark on Macromedia Flash (Serial Number: 75336380; Reg Number: 2650911 or serial number: 75336240; reg number 2520435). I would have assumed that Adobe would have put a trademark on "Adobe Flash" (It's not in the databsae yet, though). Tons of stuff w/ Flash in the name is trademarked

It seems unlikely that this open source JavaScript project would cause confusion with Adobe Flash. I doubt this issue would stand up in court. However, I wouldn't want to get into a legal battle with them, specially over an open source project. This sounds like the 100 pound gorilla pushing around the little guys.

Coming soon to a court near you. Anheuser-Busch, Incorporated vs Adobe. ( Serial Number 78621339 )